Saturday, July 21, 2012

Crochet stories

Here is an inspiring story from a crocheter.

12:00 AM Wednesday, July 18, 2012Name: melissa willis
Subject: How Crocheting really saved my life
Comment: I love to grams taught me when i was very young, growing up i made a lot of grannie squares and anything i could make with a grannie i got older and became an adult, i probably didn't crochet as much, during my pregnancies I made cute little things for my babies....but there came a time in my life when i not only loved to crochet but i needed to crochet....when i was 34 i was diagnosed with MS...unable to walk, and had very poor vision, therefore having to leave my job...i had 2 teen aged daughters and no income and very little support from their father...well at the time angles were popular, so i started crocheting angles and starching them and selling them....getting me through some rough times but the most important thing was, i no longer felt useless, because i could still do something and it was at that point that i realized i had to fight this disease, and i did....i am no longer in a wheelchair and walking sometimes i need a walker but i have come a long way and it was all because of a spool of crochet cotton and and a needle....i am now doing a blog and i invite all of you to follow my blog and hopefully gain something from i am once again having problems with my MS and not able to work so I using my crochet talent to once again get me through a rough that i mean give me the encouragement that i need to get though this once again...and friends i please if you get the time please come and share your thoughts with me as i would love to get to know you better and maybe help you with your craft! Thanks for listening!

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