Monday, September 10, 2012

Mary Ann's Angel Pattern

 row 1.
 Row 2.
 Row 2.
 Row 2.
Mary Ann's Angel **
Use G hook, and sport weight or baby yarn.
1. Ch. 4, dc 16 in 4th ch. from hook. Join in 1st dc ( not in top of chain
4) ch. 4 turn.
2. 3 tplc in same space, ch 1, turn. 4 sl down wing, ch. 4, join in same
stitch as tplc's, sl in next st., ch 3, 2 dbl same stitch., 2 dbl next
stitch., ch 3, sl in same st., sl in next stitch., ch 4, 3 tplc same st., ch
1, turn, 4 sl down wing, ch. 4. sl in same space as tpcl's , dbl next
space, join in top of dbl.
3. Ch 3, 2 dbl same st., 2 dbl in ea st across, 3 dbl in end st. ch 1, turn
(if you don't want such a full skirt, do 2 dbl ea. end & 1 dbl across)
4. sc, chain 3, sc across.
Fasten off and weave in ends. Tie ribbon around neck. Add tie to back of
**This pattern is for personal use or for charity

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