Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Crochet is So Soothing

Crochet Is So Soothing http://www.experienceproject.com/stories/Crochet/2584906

When most think about crochet, they are thinking "Old woman" or "She must not have a life." I'm a happily (dating, hopefully married someday) woman with a job at a Fortune 500 company and a great support group of family and friends.

When I'm bored, which I get bored easily, I pick up some needles and yarn and I begin to craft. I make baby blankets, booties, hats and scarves. A few of these items I've sold for profit enough to buy myself a very nice cooking set in Red! to start decorating my kitchen properly. And I've made some very nice items for family members and myself to wear this winter. It's amazing what beautiful stuff can be made for under 20$ that might cost $50.00 in a department store. What is more is you can customize these items to suit your needs and tastes!   Pfft..

I love to crochet. I got the nickname "Granny" at 24 years old and I'm more than happy to smile about it. 
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